Dr. Rehana Ahmed

Dr. Rehana Ahmed


The reality is that family planning is one of the most powerful investment in the development of our country. Its benefits cascade across all sectors leading to a healthier, better educated and prosperous nation.

Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM) mission is ‘to contribute to the development of Pakistan through family planning’. GSM is a national organization that has already celebrated 25 work years, increasing access to and enhancing quality of products and services for family planning and maternal & child health.

GSM sees the power in collaboration with the different development sectors, because it is only through combining skills can we build an effective model for the universal coverage of family planning in Pakistan and achieving government’s promises to the international community.

The GSM Board, management and staff own this mission and pledge to address the ongoing challenges, facing the future with determination to serve the low income families whose aspirations are ‘not more children but more for their children’.

Dr. Rehana Ahmed
Board Chair
Greenstar Social Marketing