Building Healthy Families Activity (BHFA)

Project Overview

Building Healthy Families Activity (BHFA) is a USAID funded program launched in Pakistan on September, 1, 2022. This five-year program will work closely with other partners and will continue till August, 31, 2027. The program will be operated in Sindh & KPK provinces. The consortium of partners is led by Pathfinder and the foremost goal of the project is to strengthen primary healthcare systems in KPK & Sindh. The program is focused to improve uptake of family planning services including Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (RMNCH). The project will be operated in collaboration with Sindh and KPK Governments including Department of Health (DOH), Population Welfare Department (PWD) and providers working in private sector on the front line. BHFA Program’s objective is to achieve FP2030 goals set by Government of Pakistan (GoP) by providing uplifted health systems particularly focusing women, children, girls, youth (males & females), discriminated and poverty-stricken populations of Sindh and KPK provinces.

Core Partners

Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM), Chemonics and Research & Development Solutions (RADS).

Regions of BHFA Activity

A total of 37 districts in Sindh and KPK provinces of Pakistan will have BHFA activities. Initially, the consortium led by Pathfinder will work in 12 districts out of which 10 districts will be covered in Sindh and 2 districts in KPK. BHFA Project activities will advance to 25 districts in Year-2 and 3. From Year-4, the program will be entirely escalated in all 37 districts of Sindh and KPK.

The goals of BHFA Program led by Pathfinder will be achieved through following transitional

1. Increase in capacity of government and private sector institutions to enhance robust and approachable FP/MNCH services.

2. Improving the consumption of quality products and services related to FP/MNCH.

3. Engagement of men and young boys to make use of essential practices, products and services through effective and enabled communication as per their needs and demands.

Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) and hybrid market development approaches will be applied for BHFA activities to improve FP/MNCH services. Interventions like advocacy, leadership, policies, human resources, and governance will be centered during the entire life of BHFA Project.