Social Franchise

Social Franchise

HOD’s Message:

Greenstar envisions Pakistan where every woman has access to her choice of contraception and an easy approach to safe self-care. Greenstar Social Franchise team is ensuring quality services for clients through Greenstar Service Providers Network. Having a skilled on-ground field force with technical competence and expertise, Sabz Sitara’s social franchise has designed a holistic primary care model to achieve financial sustainability and provide services with excellence in some of the most far-flung and difficult-to-reach venues.

Team Members

Dr Sana Durvesh  Head of Social Franchise

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas   National Sales Lead

Dr Suhana Kirn  Quality Assurance Manager

Raeesa Imtiaz  Quality Assurance Manager

Dr Kiran Asif  Unit Head QA & Training

Dr Maryam Khalid Quality Assurance Manager

Naseem Akhter Quality Assurance Manager

Aftab Zindani  Technical Coordinator


We serve in Greenstar with a mission of placing a robust Quality Assurance System through a systemic approach ensuring focused attention to the capacity enhancement of service providers on basic and advanced family planning and reproductive health methods.



As the Greenstar Social Franchise Quality team we pursue creating sustainable model clinics with a progressive approach and provide technical support for new business development.


  • Creating a pool of Greenstar Master Trainers on Advance family planning methods, Postabortion care, Premarital Counselling, Postpartum Family Planning and Healthcare &Quality Management.
  • Capacity building of more than 15000 service providers on PAC counselling, Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) , Voluntary surgical contraception (VSC) and family planning (FP).
  • Training of 3000 service providers on diarrhoea management.

Glimpse From Greenstar Network:

Ms. Rabia Shams, LHV from Islamabad is a Greenstar provider who was initially working in a rental low-resource clinical setup. She is affiliated with GreenStar for the last two years. Ms. Rabia was observed by QA team during QA Visits as having the potential to establish a quality clinic, but the provider was hesitant due to her financial issues. QA Team motivated her and with continuance persuasion and follow-up, she ultimately established her own one-room clinic initially with few services. The quality team continuously supported her by supervising her procedures, counselling and consultations with patients. Within one year Ms. Rabia has fully equipped her clinic with Greenstar’s constant support, coordination, cooperation, motivation and assistance. She is now giving all advanced family planning methods and post-abortion care services to her clients and is highly thankful to Greenstar and the Quality team for their continuous motivation.


“My name is Zaibunisa. I am a Greenstar provider from district Korangi in Karachi City.” Before joining Greenstar I was running my own clinical setup however I usually faced the challenge of unsatisfied clientele as well as issues from regulatory bodies. After getting affiliated with Greenstar, QA Team from Greenstar frequently visited and helped me in understanding the guidebook and protocols to reset my clinic according to HCC parameters, after which I also applied for HCC membership. Now being a Greenstar Provider I am practising in my Clinic with certainty and high morale. I acknowledge Greenstar, my equal partner in my success. Greenstar has given me awareness, enhanced my skills through training on multiple technical and clinical skills and showed me a sustainable path of improvement and career building. Thank You, Greenstar.


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