Khud Ko Pehchaano

Project Lead’s message:

Pakistan has a prominent youth bulge. 64% of our population is younger than 30 years of age. Pakistan needs to in cash dividends for this workforce, however, they need to be trained on issues of family health which also includes family planning. Once they enter married life, they must understand how to care for their wife and children’s health. Health especially Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) is an issue in Pakistan as young people do not have access to correct information. Hence, Greenstar in collaboration with Punjab Population Innovation Fund is working to create awareness and educate youth at the university and college level so that when they enter their practical life and get married, they have enough knowledge and awareness about SRH and family health matters.

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Team Members

Fawad Shamim   General Manager Programs, Regulatory Affairs and NBD

Mohammad Alam   Head of Social Mobilization

Aiman Haroon   Manager Program

  • Empower beneficiaries about their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • To make reproductive health and commodity accessible in the community
  • To increase knowledge and awareness about contraception (at least three modern methods), Family Planning, and Birth Spacing in the target population
  • Importance and scientific background of pre-marital counselling, sensitize them on the difference between sex and gender and gender expression, sexuality, social and gender norms.
  • To empower them with skills to contribute towards the achievement of SDGs to eliminate maternal mortality, Gender-based Violence, SRH
  • To empower decision-making ability amongst the target audience.
  • Develop a skillset to identify gender-based violence and its mitigation strategies.
  • 30 universities on board
  • 600 Master Trainers trained on pre-marital counseling, Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Modern contraceptives.
  • 21% knowledge enhancement
  • Out of 12000, over 5000 male and female beneficiaries trained.
  • 600 Master Trainerbs
  • 583 test takers
  • 21% knowledge enhanced.

About the Donor

Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF) is a non-profit, public-sector company, established to render financial and technical assistance to innovative projects for population planning, improving access, and generating demand for family planning services. Sustainable population growth is essential for equitable and inclusive economic growth and social development.