Project Lead’s message

Women-related cancers such as ovarian, breast and cervical cancers are the most common in Pakistan resulting in high numbers of female mortality and morbidity. These cancers are curable if diagnosed early and referred on time. Greenstar Social Marketing has served young girls and women in underserved communities for the last 30 years with their sexual and reproductive health (SRHR), family planning, post-abortion care (PAC) and self-care needs. Through the “Umeed-e-Nau” project Greenstar envisions reaching, educating and engaging women suffering from any of the symptoms and indications of ovarian, cervical and breast cancers for screening and advanced treatment and contributing its part to ensure women’s wellness in Pakistan.


team members

Team Members

Dr. Sana Durvesh Head of Social Franchise & DGM – Programs

Dr. Kiran Asif – Project Lead

Muhammad Alam – Head of Social Mobilization

Improving access to early diagnosis & referrals of women-related cancers in Pakistan.

Reaching 72000 women in communities for initial screening and identification and referral of high-risk women for advanced diagnosis and treatment.

About the Donor

Roche Pakistan Limited is a part of F. Hoffman-La Roche Group, Basel Switzerland, and a pioneer in bringing innovative healthcare solutions. Roche is active in major therapeutic areas with high unmet medical needs such as Oncology (Cancers), Anaemia & Transplantation (Chronic Kidney Disease –Anaemia & Kidney Transplant Medicines), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases.

Patient Journey In “Umeed-e Nau “ Project

patient journey in umeed-e nau project