Use of digital technologies

use of digital technologies

HOD's message

Companies constantly struggle with the goal of maximizing their output while reducing the inputs, this is where technology is a game changer.

After Covid19, the world changes its dynamics. Now technology is the lifeline of every organization. Digital Transformation is essential to every business, enterprise who do it well will endure, and those who stay status quo will become obsolete.

By digitalization and technology integration, Information technology department is enabling GSM to create an impact in development of Pakistan through Family Planning and Family Health Solutions.


Team Members

Sajid Ali    Head of the department

Hafiz Umar Iftikhar    Deputy Manager IT – ERP

Syed Muhammad Hassan    Manager IT Software development

Adnan Anwar Farooqi    Senior Officer IT – System support


The Information Technology department has a supporting role in GSM. The department managing, maintaining, and introducing new technologies, latest Management systems that established business intelligence to Core functions of the Organization.


  •  Falcon provides an online tool to collect Quantitative and Qualitive data from Provider networks throughout the country.
  •  Eagle is serving Sitara Baji Network to efficiently perform their activities, collect relevant information and record the activity data on digital forms by a Mobile Application.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Portal is helping Provider network to register their self, evaluate their performance, record and monitor their journey and progress with Greenstar Social Marketing
  •  E-learning Portal – is a digital resource for learning and training. This makes it easy to learn anytime, anywhere for every employee thorough their laptops or desktop.