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The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the world in different ways. It has also brought many opportunities to innovate and grow. Telehealth has emerged as a solution that bridged gaps in improving access of beneficiaries to the quality healthcare like expanding the reach in far flung and and hard to reach areas, solving connectivity issues, efficient data management and also offered a chance to reinvent virtual and hybrid virtual/in-person models, with a goal of improved quality healthcare access, outcomes, and affordability.

bahami mushawarat team members

Team Members

Dr. Sana Durvesh  Head of Social Franchise

Sajid Ali  Head of the department

Syed Muhammad Hassan   Manager IT Software development

Hafiz Umar Iftikhar   Deputy Manager IT – ERP

Adnan Anwar Farooqi   Senior Officer IT – System support

Integrating digital health/telehealth in Greenstar’s interventions to bring innovative solutions and ensure healthcare is accessible to all in affordable prices at convenience of their homes

  • Established social media department during Covid times to ensure awareness is given to masses especially about personal hygiene and maternal and child health.
  • Designed different online trainings via various customized applications to stay connected with the network of healthcare providers and assist them in continuity of healthcare to women and children in need.
  • Conducted webinars and seminars online to provide an interactive platform to clients for awareness and counselling.
  • Expanded the reach across Pakistan in around 110 districts and kept the communication alive with its network of healthcare providers, GPs, LHVs who stayed available and made sure the provision of services continue.

Greenstar has its strong social media presence on all platforms including Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Beneficiaries are connected and reached through these mediums and are informed, counselled and connected for the uptake of services. Products are widely available through e-commerce platforms to encourage clients and contribute in reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity.

Greenstar has also partnered with different teleconsultation/telehealth organizations like Sehat Kehani, MedIQ, Find My Doctor to connect various specialists with beneficiaries in their communities. Greenstar’s mission is to promote quality healthcare in Pakistan and improve access for the uptake of family planning and family health solutions. They are connected via video conferencing. Our healthcare providers and community mobilizers connect clients with doctors. The specialties include gynecologists, psychologists, pediatricians and mental health experts.