Tuberculosis / HIV


Tuberculosis / HIV

Pakistan falls at number five among the Global disease burden countries for Tuberculosis. There is an estimated incidence of 264 and prevalence ratio of 347 cases per 100,000 individuals. More than 611,000 cases occur every year, while approximately 48,000 people die annually with this infectious disease. In addition, 36,000 cases of MDR TB are reported each year, whereas program hardly reach around 10%.

Public Private Mix (PPM) is now contributing around 47% in the national data as per Third Quarter (Q3) of 2022. Greenstar is a key player in private sector with contribution of enrolling almost 18,000 TB cases of all types i.e. 43% which accounts for almost 18-20% of the national data.

  • Trained GPs network
  • Active case finding through chest camps
  • Trainings at Tertiary Care Private Hospitals including counselling of registered cases and families.
  • TB contacts tracing.
  • Modern diagnostic support of Gene Expert, digital & mobile/portable X-Ray machines.
  • Sputum transport mechanism to diagnostic facilities.
  • Follow-up with Pharmacies

Current TB situation in Pakistan, Role of PPM (Public Private Mix) & Contribution of Greenstar

An estimated number of around 611,000 cases of Drug Sensitive TB (DS TB) and around 36,000 Drug Resistant TB (DR TB) cases are seen in Pakistan. We are still facing huge burden of the missed cases of around 45% in DS TB and around 91% in DR TB. This is despite the fact that TB is a treatable disease even with the free support of drugs and diagnostics across the country in both public and private sectors. COVID-19 crisis has severely damaged the efforts to control TB in 2020 but the program has substantially recovered in 2021 and now exceeding pre-COVID achievements this year 2022.

About the Donor

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