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Since its inception in 1991, Greenstar Social Marketing has played an integral part in the private development sector with regards to providing essential health related services to the people of Pakistan. In the past 32 years, from our humble beginnings to the current stage, Greenstar has proactively contributed not only towards the family planning (FP) needs of the communities’ women and couples, but has also diversified its services into multiple other health related sectors like maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, post abortion care, women’s nutritional needs, self-care initiatives for women and young girls including breast, cervical and ovarian cancer awareness and screening programs, menstrual health and hygiene, gender-based violence education and rights and mental health programs.


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Greenstar has been working in underserved communities across Pakistan to “serve the underserved.” It operates its programs through a “Hybrid Model” using Social Marketing and Social Franchising approaches to provide full range of products and services to beneficiaries in communities who have challenges in accessing the right channels for information care, counselling, referrals and follow ups. Greenstar has a robust system of cross cutting departments/functions that play an integral role in delivering high impact services to beneficiaries in communities. These departments include Human Resource and Administration, Finance, Management Information Systems (MIS), Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain and Procurement and Sales and Marketing.

Greenstar has its strong networking with international organizations, like Population Services International (PSI) and utilizes its support from its local and international offices to implement reproductive health and family planning initiatives. Moreover, Greenstar works with international donors like Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Nutrition International Pakistan (NI), KFW, Mercy Corps, USAID, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, etc. to aggressively deliver much needed health initiatives in family planning, mother & child health and multiple other health initiatives at a community level on Pan Pakistan basis.  Moreover, Greenstar has strong networking with Pakistan’s district, provincial and federal governments to ensure collaboration and cooperation with its below stated initiatives to strengthen the country’s health systems.

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