Bahami Mushawarat Behtar Sehat District Okara

Bahami Mushwarat

Project Lead’s message

Our goal to execute this project is ‘’To improve Family Planning knowledge, positive attitudes, and practices by applying systematic and evidence-based Social and Behavior Change Communication Interventions and developing effective referral mechanisms & within the service delivery points supported through training and capacity building”.

bahami mushawarat team members

Team Members

Mr. Jawad Mansoor   DGM Program – KFW SEW Punjab & PPIF

 M. Alam Qureshi   Head of Social Mobilization

Dr. Nazia Siddiqui   Manager Program Support

  • Increase uptake of modern contraceptives among young couples of 15-29 years.
  • Increase accessibility to reliable and respectable FPRH information, counselling, products, and services.
  • Develop an effective community-based referral mechanism.
  • Young MWRAs (15-29) Registration – Total Target is 80,741
  • Young MWRAs Availing any FP method (30%) – Total Target is 24,222
  • Young MWRAs LARC users (10%) – Total Target is 2,422
  • Young MWRAs New users (20%) – Total Target is 4,844
  • The inception phase became a bit strenuous when we started looking for young Married Women of Reproductive Age (MWRAs), 15 – 29 years of age bracket. The social mobilization team reached to the target community of Okara city of Punjab province and registered 14,929 MWRAs.
  • Development of 9 Sitara Houses also achieved successfully.
  • An open mic session and theatre performance also helped reach the desired pool of women in Okara.
  • Orientation meetings with 30 FMCG retail shops along with 20 chemists/pharmacists have been conducted to improve the uptake of family planning services in target communities.
  • Training of 30 female service providers on Family Planning Advance was also conducted.
  • Young MWRAs Availing any FP method – 5,405
  • LARC users – 1,131
  • Young MWRAs as new users – 870

About the Donor

Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF) is a non-profit, public sector company, established to render financial and technical assistance to innovative projects for population planning, improving access, and generating demand for family planning services. Sustainable growth in population is essential for equitable and inclusive economic growth and social development.

Impact Stories

One Edutainment through open Mic session & theatre performance has been conducted. Open Mic session is one of the significant tools to address the audience and to provide a safe and conducive space to generate discussions, break stereotypes and spread adequate information among young people.